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Ball Games

At Farthings we understand how important it is for older people to remain active, not only does it improve overall immune function, it produces endorphins (the “feel good” hormone) too.  The maintenance of strong social ties is important to have a sense of purpose and avoid feeling lonely or depressed.

With this in mind we regularly encourage our residents to take part in gentle exercise through our group activities programme.  This month we have been focussing on ball games and as you can see they were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The favourite was playing catch, there was lots of laughter whilst anticipating who the ball was going to be thrown to next!

May 2022 News


We have been very lucky with the weather through May and have been able to facilitate lots of walks around our lovely quiet village.  We have seen ducks playing and used a plant app to see what various plants around the village were called.


We continue to welcome family and friends into Farthings to visit their loved ones and it has been lovely to see so many of you throughout May.  We would like to thank everyone for continuing to adhere to our Company policies.


We have changed our telephone system, after many calls to the previous provider, we would like to thank you for your patience whilst we have been investigating alternative options to work within our home.

Our landline phone now rings to two mobile devices, which the care staff have on their person throughout the shift and a desktop phone which is in Lynne’s office.  This approach enables the mobile devices to utilise our homes wi-fi to get coverage throughout the home.

We hope you have noticed a marked improvement with the new system in place, any feedback (good or bad) would be much appreciated, please send to info@ashallcare.co.uk.


New hydration trays have been implemented throughout Farthings.  Everyone who is required to have their fluid intake monitored will be given a 750ml jug of water with a red lid each morning.  When the first jug of water has been drunk, it will be refilled with fresh water and the lid will be changed to yellow.  When the second jug has been drunk, again it will be refilled, and the lid will be changed to green.  At this point the resident will have drank 1500ml of water the risk of dehydration will have been reduced.  If the red lid is still on the jug by the afternoon, the senior carer will take further action.


Card bingo is a firm favourite with our highly competitive residents!!


The residents have enjoyed playing a game of catch, there was lots of laughter trying to guess who the ball may be thrown to next!


Decorations and crowns have been made to decorate the home in anticipation of celebrating the Jubilee.  A special Jubilee bench has also bee purchased for the garden.


Delicious sultana and citrus scones on the menu at Farthings today......fresh out of the oven......

Food Hygiene Rating

Our Environmental Health Officer visited yesterday (15 June 2022) from Bassetlaw District Council for our routine Food Hygiene Rating and we are delighted to have retained our 5* rating!


We have received the highest possible score, demonstrating a ‘high’ level of compliance in every area of the inspection, which were as follows:

  • Compliance with food hygiene and safety procedure
  • Compliance with structural requirements
  • Confidence in management/control procedures


A huge thank you to our wonderful catering team at Farthings!


Project Hydration

Due to physiological changes as we age, older people are at a greater risk of dehydration.  These risks are further heightened by changes to mental capacity and physical frailty.  The elderly population are incredibly vulnerable to the consequences of not drinking enough fluids.  Changes due to the ageing process may mean that the older person has a reduced sensitivity to being thirsty.  If they are not reminded to drink water regularly, then they can easily become dehydrated.  Older people who have had a stoke or who have Alzheimer’s disease have a reduced sensitivity and need careful monitoring.  Other risk factors include declining renal function, cognitive impairment and the regular taking of laxatives and diuretics.   

At Farthings we understand how important it is to ensure that our residents received adequate amounts of fluids to remain hydrated and our staff team know the key signs of dehydration.  Common signs of dehydration in an older person could be a dry mouth, sunken eyes, skin that has lost elasticity, drowsiness, disorientation or confusion, low blood pressure and feeling dizzy; one or more of these signs may be seen, along with a reduced urine output.  

Whilst the care team at Farthings offer drinks regularly throughout the day and night, we found these regular offerings were not always accurately reflected in the individual residents daily notes. 

 This got us thinking, so we considered the Bradley and Rees (2003) Red Tray Project, in which utilised red trays to identify people who were ‘at risk’ and who needed additional support whilst eating.  There was another campaign by student nurses in south Wales which utilised yellow lids on jugs to identify individuals who were having their fluid balances monitored.  Neither of these were quite what we needed at Farthings, as we were looking to easily identify quantities of fluids being consumed which would enable the team to ensure residents were drinking recommended quantities and aid with the reporting of intake too.   

Liking the idea of utilising a coloured approach to make recognition easier, it was agreed that a traffic light system would be implemented at Farthings.  All individuals who are required to have their fluid intake monitored will be given a 750ml jug of water with a red lid each morning.  When the first jug of water has been drunk, it will be refilled with fresh water and the lid will be changed to yellow.  When the second jug has been drunk, again it will be refilled, and the lid will be changed to green.  At this point the resident will have drank 1500ml of water the risk of dehydration will have been reduced.  If the red lid is still on the jug by the afternoon, the senior carer will take further action.  

New smaller 750ml water jugs were purchased along with red, yellow and green lids.  This will make the jugs easier for residents to pour and will also prevent the water becoming warm as it will be replenished frequently.  In addition, new water trays and cups were purchased to keep the hydration set together. 

React To Home Rounds........Coming Soon

Our Registered Manager, Lynne, has been busy behind the scenes working with lots of our colleagues from the local CCG and NHS as well as the private sector.  Collectively working towards a combined goal of improving care for people cared for in Care Homes across our local counties.

React To is a care home specific training resource which is developed by healthcare professionals.  For more information on the “React To” training please see their website www.reactto.co.uk.

Lynne has been working with our local healthcare professionals to develop React To Home Rounds training package.

At Farthings we have found the relatively new model of a multidisciplinary ward round held remotely weekly to be extremely beneficial for our residents.  It enables all healthcare professionals to discuss every resident in the home collectively creating a holistic approach.  Previously lots of phone calls were made to various healthcare professionals as and when required, this approach took a lot of time away from our residents.  With a scheduled weekly meeting any reviews can take place during the meeting and non-urgent medical concerns are able to be raised.  Due to these meetings taking place virtually via video, video consultations are also able to be held with the resident and relevant professional as and when required.  Of course, this approach does not replace urgent medical needs, but it most certainly aids healthcare needs and access to medical reviews promptly.  Furthermore, our relationships with our healthcare professionals has developed further due to the regularity of such meetings.  This gives the care team the confidence to raise ‘thoughts’ or ‘observations’ or possibly unusual occurrences with the wider healthcare team.

On 4 May 2022 we were delighted to welcome a film crew into the home to capture some footage for the React To Home Rounds training package.  A huge thank you to our wonderful residents many of whom featured in our filming and to our newly appointed Deputy Manager, Louise, for supporting with the filming and of course her acting skills!

We will share the training package with you once it’s published…see if you can pick out any familiar faces!!

CQC Inspection

We had our first Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in March 2022 under our new legal entity (Ashall Care Ltd) at Farthings and are pleased to have achieved GOOD overall and GOOD across ALL five categories (Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led) during the two-day unannounced inspection.

During the inspection the CQC spoke to several residents who use the service and their relatives, as well as staff members and the Registered Manager.  The CQC reviewed a range of records including care records and records relating to the overall management of the service inclusive of staff files.

In summary the CQC reported that the premises were clean and staff knew and followed infection control principles.  People were cared for by staff that protected them from avoidable harm.  Enough staff were available to respond to people's needs in a timely manner. Systems were in place to manage and monitor medicines safely. People received their medicines as and when they needed them. Accident and incidents were investigated and measures were in place to prevent recurrence.  People's needs were assessed and people were involved in their care planning. People's choices and preferences were adhered to. Staff completed an induction, received relevant training and supervision support for their roles. People were supported to eat and drink where needed. The service work well with agencies and other professionals to help provide effective care. The provider was working in line with the principles of the mental capacity act.  People were supported, respected and well cared for. People were involved in making decisions about their life choices. The provider promoted equality and diversity, which was also reflected in people's care plans.  People, their families and staff gave positive feedback about the quality and leadership of the service. Systems in place showed effective governance processes were available to monitor the service and drive improvement.  People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

Furthermore, the inspection report observed a positive person-centred culture within the home, with a staff member informing the inspector “we make sure each and every resident is happy, making sure they have all their needs met and beyond.  If they are feeling down, we do not ignore it we take time out to talk to them to cheer them up.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to the whole staff team for delivering such a great service and achieving this rating.  It was heart-warming to hear all of the wonderful feedback the inspector had received about our services from residents, their loved ones and our staff team.

To see the full CQC report please click here


April 2022 News


Every resident and staff member were visited by the (Ashall Care) Easter bunny at Farthings, we hope all of our friends and family members also had a visit and a wonderful Easter! 

Everyone was egg-cited for Easter!  Our Activities Coordinator facilitated some Easter themed craft sessions along side some firm favourites, which were enjoyed by all.   

Our fabulous Chef, Diane, put on a wonderful buffet for Easter tea and made a fabulous cake for the occasion.   


We continue to welcome family and friends into Farthings to visit their loved ones.  We would like to thank everyone for continuing to adhere to our Company policies.   

A very friendly family dog has been to visit our residents in the garden this month, lots of smiles all round! 


One of our regular respite residents got stuck into our raised flowerbeds and did a fabulous job de-weeding. 

Lots of residents have been enjoying the sun in our lovely courtyard area, the sunhats have been out!! 


We have shared a lovely birthday this month too

March 2022 News

Firstly apologies we've been rather quiet on the news front recently, it has certainly not been because of a lack of activity, quite the opposite!!

As always March was a busy month, going into spring, getting the gardens ready for summertime enjoyment.  The residents enjoyed playing various games, from cards to indoor boules!  There has been lots of sharing this month, from memories to photographs to birthdays.  We had a few birthdays during March which were celebrated in the home.  Lots of delicious buffets and cakes were shared as well as singing and laughter.