We Care into the Future Health & Social Careers Event - Retford

We were delighted to be invited to join forces with Nottinghamshire County Council and the Cygnet Group at the 'We Care into the Future Health & Social Careers Event - Retford'.  The event was aimed at inspiring the next generation of health & social care workers within the local community.  We saw over 500 pupils from four local schools.

On the stand there were frailty stimulation glasses, a hand wash training station with the UV lightbox and a Sara Steady transfer aid.  Students were able try on the frailty stimulation glasses which led to a lot of surprises and students commented "oh my Grandad/Grandma has cataract I didn't realise this is how bad it is for them" and "how would you get out and about?".  There were some surprises at how dirty students hands were when utilising the UV lightbox!  Students were also able to support each other in and out of the Sara Steady aid and rate how good their friend was at supporting them.