Safely Welcoming New Residents

We continue to welcome new residents to our home with strict covid secure procedures in place.  Our team are on hand to discuss any concerns or answer questions you may have.

To safely welcome new residents to our home Government Guidance is always followed.

The process we follow:

  • Discussions: will take place prior to any admission with the home’s Registered Manager, this may be with yourself or a loved one. It may also involve any professionals currently involved in you care for example a Social Worker, or home carers.  This is to gain an overview of your current care needs.
  • Assessment: if it is likely we would be able to meet your specific needs the Registered Manager will arrange a Pre-Admission Assessment. This is to meet you, discuss what your needs are and how you would like to be cared for.  It will also enable us to give you and your loved ones more information about our home and the facilities we have available to you.  Ordinarily, dependant on circumstance, this would take place face-to-face but rest assured all of our staff are tested three times per week and would be wearing all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your safety.
  • Time: after initial discussions and assessments our prospective residents are given time to consider their decision, possibly alongside their loved ones. Should you decide you would like to move into our home, this can happen as quickly or as slowly as you choose.  Some residents wish to move in the same day and others book their place for in a months’ time.
  • Testing: we will provide a coronavirus test which is to be completed and returned a negative result prior to moving into the home.
  • Moving In: you are welcome to bring any personal effects you wish, to help you feel at home. All our rooms are en-suite, and are equipped with a bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, chair and a television.  Wi-Fi is also available throughout the home.  You will be required to remain in your bedroom for the first 14-days after admission.  This is in line with Government Guidance to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.  We will ensure you receive plenty of visits from our staff team, should you wish, and this will give you and the staff the perfect opportunity for some one to one time.
  • Settling In: when you have been in the home for a day or so a full Care Plan will be developed with you. This will include all the information the staff need to ensure they care for you how you would like to be.  In addition, the Activities Co-ordinator will spend some time getting to know you and will arrange tailored activities for your interests.  You will receive another coronavirus test around day 10.  Then when you have isolated for 14-days and received another negative coronavirus test you will be able to meet the rest of the Farthings family and explore the home.

How we ensure we remain Covid safe

Throughout the pandemic our number one priority has always been to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all our residents and staff.

We have developed and continually reviewed our protocols and processes throughout the pandemic to ensure the very latest guidance is followed.

We protect the people in our care by:

  • Enhanced Cleaning: additional enhanced cleaning regimes are in place. We continue to use Virusolve+ cleaning products throughout the home, which is a highly effective cleaner and disinfectant against bacteria, micobacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.  Virusolve+ continues to work for up to 7-days on surfaces.
  • Accessible Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE is in plentiful supply and is readily and easily accessible throughout the home. Regular PPE audits ensure stock levels are maintained.
  • Testing: ‘soft signs’ are checked as a minimum twice daily for all of our residents, this includes temperature checks and checks for all symptoms. Furthermore, all residents receive a coronavirus test every 28-days.  All staff receive testing three times per week.  This enables us to take immediate steps should there be any positive results  In addition, we ensure any visiting professional i.e. district nurse, GP have had a negative test within 3-days of visiting the home.
  • Training: all staff have received specific Covid-19 training in addition to mandatory Infection Control training which is undertaken annually.
  • Visiting: we have several options for safe visiting all of which can be booked through our dedicated visiting booking system, these are:
    • marquee visits – one nominated visitor is able to visit their loved one inside our newly purchased marquee (a covid-19 test must be taken and negative prior entry)
    • gate visits – face to face socially distant visits can take place through our courtyard gate
    • window visits – face to face visits can take place through our smaller sitting room window, with loved ones communicating on telephones.
    • virtual visits – the homes iPad has facetime, teams, skype, zoom etc which can be used, supported by our staff team.
  • Legislation: we have undertaken our Care Quality Commission Emergency Support Framework call and are maintaining compliance. In addition, we are in regular contact with the Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC).
  • Activities: a wide range of activities are still on offer at Farthings to ensure our residents remain physically and mentally stimulated. Recently we have held online exercise classes, art classes, quizzes, topical discussions and cooking.
  • Vaccinations: we are supporting the National vaccination programme and are absolutely delighted that 100% of our residents and staff have now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Several staff have also received their second dose.  Furthermore, we will continue to encourage all new residents and staff to access their vaccination.