We are supporting the NAPA – Tokyo Olympics Race.  NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) is a national charity that supports care services to prioritise wellbeing.


The NAPA helpline supports Providers to plan activities so that those with care and support needs can enjoy meaningful connection and conversation.  The NAPA Helpline forms part of our membership and offers free advice, support and information about activities, arts, and engagement for staff and family carers providing care, support and meaningful engagement.  To enable NAPA to continue to answer as many phonecalls as possible they were fundraising to fund the Helpline.  NAPA therefore created a virtual balloon race.


The balloons were launched on 8 August 2021 and are subjected to a simulated flight pattern based on the actual weather conditions, such as the prevailing wind speed and current temperature.  The simulation uses an advanced computer modelling programme linked to Google maps and commercial weather data supplier.  The race will be for a 7 day duration and the winner will be the balloon which has travelled the furthest in a straight line from the launch location.


You can follow our balloon using the following link

Or follow the Tokyo Olympics Race using this link