October 2021 News


Our Activities Coordinator continues to facilitate armchair exercises, this month the sessions have been movement to music, this has been thoroughly enjoyed by all and often followed by some dancing!  The funky chicken movement brought plenty of giggles!


Card bingo was enjoyed by lots of residents again this month, lots of smiles and giggles all round!


Some games have been played by residents; ball games have been enjoyed, as was a game of play your cards rights, higher – lower.


Lots of activities around Halloween have been appreciated, the residents have made Halloween paperchains, this prompted some good reminiscing around doing Christmas paperchains when some of the residents were younger.  Residents also carved plenty of pumpkins to decorate around the home.  Residents also discussed bonfire night and what traditions they had when they had growing up.


We continue to welcome friends and family into the home to see their loved ones.  The visits are facilitated in a safe way, in line with current Government guidance.  Thank you to everyone for adhering to our visiting policies and supporting us to keep everyone safe.


We have welcomed Charlotte back to our bank staff team and look forward to having her back around the home.


Starting on 1 November we will have ‘Resident of the Day’ in place.  This means that on the 1st of the month the resident in Bedroom 1 will have their Care Plan reviewed by the Senior Carer on shift.  The Cook on shift with have a conversation with the resident in Bedroom 1 to ensure that they are happy with the meals which are being provided and ask if there are any other options they would like to see on the menu, and to discuss personal preferences.  The Carers will go through the Bedroom itself; they will ensure that all laundry is put away neatly, they will check the wardrobes, the drawers and also toiletries, this will enable us to then contact family members if additional supplies are required.  The Senior Carer will also complete a mini-medication audit on Bedroom 1’s medication.  This approach will be new to Farthings and we welcome any feedback about what you feel is working well or what could be improved or added to the Resident of the Day initiative.