Our Registered Manager, Lynne, has been busy behind the scenes working with lots of our colleagues from the local CCG and NHS as well as the private sector.  Collectively working towards a combined goal of improving care for people cared for in Care Homes across our local counties.

React To is a care home specific training resource which is developed by healthcare professionals.  For more information on the “React To” training please see their website www.reactto.co.uk.

Lynne has been working with our local healthcare professionals to develop React To Home Rounds training package.

At Farthings we have found the relatively new model of a multidisciplinary ward round held remotely weekly to be extremely beneficial for our residents.  It enables all healthcare professionals to discuss every resident in the home collectively creating a holistic approach.  Previously lots of phone calls were made to various healthcare professionals as and when required, this approach took a lot of time away from our residents.  With a scheduled weekly meeting any reviews can take place during the meeting and non-urgent medical concerns are able to be raised.  Due to these meetings taking place virtually via video, video consultations are also able to be held with the resident and relevant professional as and when required.  Of course, this approach does not replace urgent medical needs, but it most certainly aids healthcare needs and access to medical reviews promptly.  Furthermore, our relationships with our healthcare professionals has developed further due to the regularity of such meetings.  This gives the care team the confidence to raise ‘thoughts’ or ‘observations’ or possibly unusual occurrences with the wider healthcare team.

On 4 May 2022 we were delighted to welcome a film crew into the home to capture some footage for the React To Home Rounds training package.  A huge thank you to our wonderful residents many of whom featured in our filming and to our newly appointed Deputy Manager, Louise, for supporting with the filming and of course her acting skills!

We will share the training package with you once it’s published…see if you can pick out any familiar faces!!