If you ask any resident at Farthings what they treasure the most, their response is likely to be ‘family’, ‘friendships’ and all of the many memories and events celebrated with their loved ones. 

A Harvard study tracked hundreds of people’s happiness levels since 1938 and found that the happiest people were not the wealthiest or smartest, but that happiness was as a result of social wellbeing.  The researchers found when looking for predictors of long and happy lives the links and ties people have with others was more influential than social class, IQ or even genes.  Furthermore, it was found those with strong social support and relationships experienced less mental deterioration as they aged. 

Dr John Rowe and Dr Robert Kahn wrote a concept of successful ageing (1997).  The researchers ‘better than average’ ageing was namely contributed to three components: 

  • Avoiding disease and disability 
  • High cognitive and physical function 
  • Engagement with life 

 As a residents physical and cognitive abilities decline or they may experience disease or disability their engagement with life becomes all the more important.  This is why something which is important to the resident becomes all the more important.  For instance this could be a visit from a loved one, playing their favourite game, eating their favourite food or engaging in a social activity.   

At Farthings we really get to know our residents and all staff and residents come together to create a ‘Farthings family’.  Celebrating birthdays is one way that residents can have meaningful engagement with life.  A resident’s afternoon can be brightened up by having their favourite dessert, just imagine their enjoyment from having a birthday celebration with delicious birthday cake topped with candles with banners and balloons around the room, it will probably make their week! Our team talks to residents and their loved ones to plan each celebration individually to ensure it is meaningful for the person celebrating, this in turn makes it a celebration to treasure.