We continue to welcome new residents to our home using our robust covid-secure admission process, whilst protecting those who already live with us and offering safe visiting opportunities.

We specialise in providing care to older people and as a small care home with 22 en-suite bedrooms our team really get to know all residents, understand their needs, and encourage social friendships amongst residents living at Farthings.

We have a robust admission process in place to enable us to offer a safe and compassionate start to living within our care home.

  • Discussions: will take place prior to any admission with the home’s Registered Manager, this may be with yourself or a loved one. This is to gain an overview of your current care needs and requirements.
  • Assessment: if it is likely we would be able to meet your specific needs the Registered Manager will arrange a Pre-Admission Assessment. This is to meet you, discuss what your needs are and how you would like to be cared for.  It will also enable us to give you and your loved ones more information about our home and the facilities we have available to you.  Ordinarily, dependant on circumstance, this would take place face-to-face but rest assured all of our staff are vaccinated, tested three times per week and would be wearing all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your safety.
  • Time: after initial discussions and assessments our prospective residents are given time to consider their decision, possibly alongside their loved ones.
  • Testing: we will provide a coronavirus test which is to be completed two days before moving into the home and returned a negative result.
  • Moving In: you are welcome to bring any personal effects to help you feel at home. All our rooms are en-suite, and are equipped with a bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, chair, and a television.  You will receive 14-days of in-room care from admission.
  • Settling In: a full Care Plan will be developed with you; this will include all the information the staff need to ensure they care for you how you would like to be. In addition, the Activities Co-ordinator will spend some time getting to know you and will arrange tailored activities for your interests.  You will receive another coronavirus test around 10 days after admission.  Once you have received in-room care for 14-days and received a negative coronavirus test result you will be able to meet the rest of the Farthings family and explore the home.


Here are some commonly asked questions recently regarding admissions:

If I have had a coronavirus test which is negative and have had the vaccine, do I still need to have in-room care for 14-days from admission?

Yes – The current Government Guidance (amended 17.05.21) states that to minimise the risk to residents in care homes during periods of sustained community transmission, all residents being discharged from hospital, or interim care facilities to the care home, and new residents admitted from the community, should be isolated for 14-days within their own room.  A 14-day period of isolation is recommended for residents in care homes as older care home residents are particularly vulnerable group and their immune response may differ from younger, normally healthier individuals.  Furthermore, the guidance advises even with a confirmed covid-19 negative status, from a test taken less than 2 days prior to admission, a 14-day period of isolation is still recommended, particularly in care homes for older residents.

I’m worried if I’m in my room for 14-days that I will be lonely and in a strange environment.

Please be assured you will receive plenty of visits from staff throughout the day, this is a great opportunity to get to know the team on a one-to-one basis.  You will be able to take part in some activities in your room, painting, drawing, jigsaws, reading etc.  There is also wi-fi throughout the home so, with the support of staff if needed, you will be able to facetime loved ones, play games or music on the iPad as well as reading the news or even doing some online shopping!  All rooms have a call-bell for calling assistance at any time of day or night.

I really like being outside in the garden and worry about being inside for the first 14-days.

We have some ‘courtyard’ rooms with direct access to the gardens, you will be able to go outside as you will not pass-through communal areas.

If my coronavirus test is positive, will I still be able to move in as planned?

No, we would ask you to complete your 14-day isolation in your current location before moving into the home when you will then receive in-room care for 14-days.

Will I receive routine coronavirus testing whilst living at Farthings?

Yes, currently all residents are tested every 28-days in line with Government guidance.  Furthermore, all staff are tested three times per week.

Can I still have my coronavirus vaccine?

Yes, we have exceptional links with our local healthcare professionals, the roving team will visit the home to administer covid vaccines, whether that be a first or second vaccine.  We are also proud to advise 100% of all staff and residents have received their first vaccine, with over 80% also having received their second.

Am I able to still see my loved ones?

Absolutely!  We have several visiting options; each resident is able to identify five named nominated visitors of whom can visit the resident (max two at a time) in their own bedroom.  Visits can also take place in our gardens, inside our visiting marquee, gate visits, window visits and of course virtual and telephone visits too.


If you are considering care for yourself or your loved one, please call our friendly team who will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have, 01777 838 219, alternatively you can email info@ashallcare.co.uk.