Our fabulous Housekeeper, Charlotte, will unfortunately be leaving us soon to start her new venture, DB Animal Therapy.

Charlotte kindly brought in a large selection of her therapy animals to meet our wonderful residents.  There was something for everyone, from fluffy rabbits and guineapigs to scaly snakes and lizards to leggy millipedes and hardbacked tortoises Charlotte had them all!

Studies show that just 15 minutes with a trained dog, cat or another service animal can increase brain activity and serotonin levels in seniors.  Serotonin is known as the “feel-good hormone” and plays a crucial role in bodily function as well as our experiences of positive emotions (www.theupsidetoaging.com) manlig-halsa.se.  Furthermore, it is noted that simply having something to pet and touch can be relaxing.  Relaxation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and stabilises heartrates.

As you will see from the photographs everyone thoroughly enjoyed Charlotte’s visit and we hope to see DB Animal Therapy again soon.