We have been very lucky with the weather through May and have been able to facilitate lots of walks around our lovely quiet village.  We have seen ducks playing and used a plant app to see what various plants around the village were called.


We continue to welcome family and friends into Farthings to visit their loved ones and it has been lovely to see so many of you throughout May.  We would like to thank everyone for continuing to adhere to our Company policies.


We have changed our telephone system, after many calls to the previous provider, we would like to thank you for your patience whilst we have been investigating alternative options to work within our home.

Our landline phone now rings to two mobile devices, which the care staff have on their person throughout the shift and a desktop phone which is in Lynne’s office.  This approach enables the mobile devices to utilise our homes wi-fi to get coverage throughout the home.

We hope you have noticed a marked improvement with the new system in place, any feedback (good or bad) would be much appreciated, please send to info@ashallcare.co.uk.


New hydration trays have been implemented throughout Farthings.  Everyone who is required to have their fluid intake monitored will be given a 750ml jug of water with a red lid each morning.  When the first jug of water has been drunk, it will be refilled with fresh water and the lid will be changed to yellow.  When the second jug has been drunk, again it will be refilled, and the lid will be changed to green.  At this point the resident will have drank 1500ml of water the risk of dehydration will have been reduced.  If the red lid is still on the jug by the afternoon, the senior carer will take further action.


Card bingo is a firm favourite with our highly competitive residents!!


The residents have enjoyed playing a game of catch, there was lots of laughter trying to guess who the ball may be thrown to next!


Decorations and crowns have been made to decorate the home in anticipation of celebrating the Jubilee.  A special Jubilee bench has also bee purchased for the garden.