We have additional hand sanitising dispensers around the home, in communal areas and in corridors to encourage frequent hand washing.

A marquee has been purchased to hopefully facilitate visits in the coming months.  Along with a sanitising station which can be used within and ‘sneeze screens’.

Six profiling beds have been purchased to replace some of the older beds within the home to ensure infection control measures are effectively maintained.  Several rooms have also had their carpets replaced with safety flooring.  Additional vinyl chairs have been ordered for use in bedrooms to maintain infection control practices and contract bedside tables with a lockable top drawer have also been put in place.

The Home is now fully using Person Centred Software for care planning and daily notes, the staff have fully embraced the change from laptop entry to mobile devices and entries are being entered in ‘real-time’.  We have received many positive comments from the staff team about its ease of use and additional times being spent with residents because of not needing to sit at a laptop to write notes.  We have even had residents entering their own notes with a carer on the device, documenting what they had just done or eaten.

Our fabulous colleagues at Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have very kindly donated a Galaxy Tab A with a 12-month subscription of 4G connectivity, primarily to be used by our staff team to access virtual training the CCG offer to us, for example, React to Red, donning and doffing, the CCG provide support for our link champions.  The CCG also host our biweekly virtual Provider meetings to ensure we all remain up to date with the latest guidance both in terms of NHS initiatives and NCC information.  These meetings have proven invaluable throughout the pandemic and ensure we remain up to date not only at a national level but also locally too.  A huge thank you to the CCG for their donation.

We are also busy behind the scenes refreshing our marketing strategy, we are refreshing our logo’s and embedding the new ‘Ashall Care Ltd’ company with Farthings Residential Care Home.  There will be a new website, brochures, leaflets and stationery coming soon, we’re looking forward to their launch!

A wall-mounted thermometer has been put in place for staff and professional visitors to the home on entry.  Larger lockers have also been installed to ensure belongings brought into the home are stored safely.